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Looking to stay in Machynlleth? Our handy guide to hotels in Machynlleth will help you find the latest hotel availability and prices within a few clicks. To list just a few of the most popular hotels in Machynlleth; The White Lion Hotel Check latest availability and prices Plas Dolguog Hotel Check latest availability and prices […]


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Whether you are looking for a taxi in Machynlleth, a train to Machynlleth or a bus around Machynlleth itself, there are plenty of options available to you. Our brief guide to travelling to, from and around Machynlleth gives you a good start to your journey planning. Bus A local bus service is operated by Lloyds […]


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There is a long history of human activity in the Machynlleth area. In the late-1990s, radiocarbon dating showed that copper mining was taking place in the Early Bronze Age (c. 2,750 years ago), within a mile of the town centre. There are legends of a once fertile plain, the Cantre’r Gwaelod, now lost beneath the […]


Machynlleth retains its strong Welsh character, with Welsh spoken alongside English. The 2011 Census indicated that 67% of the population have some knowledge of Welsh, with 39% able to read, write and speak the language. Machynlleth is twinned with Belleville, Michigan. Population 2,235 (2011 census) Ordnance Survey grid reference SH745005 Principal area Powys Ceremonial county […]